How to speed up your computer at the click of a button

download regcure pro key at envnet.orgOne of the biggest problems with owning a PC is that over time you will notice a slow degegation in performance, especially if your PC is used often.

Now you will probably find that this is more so if your PC is the hub or communal PC for the entire family. Meaning, it is the PC that the whole family uses.

It might be used by your children to complete homework assignments, by your husband or wife to check recipes or your next holiday or by your children to play computer games.

This is totally normal, however what you’ll find is that a family computer that is regularly used in the household will have a number of programs and files either installed on it or deleted from it.

This again is very normal behavior, however what you don’t know is that as a result of installing new software application and uninstalling them, Windows can sometimes get it’s knickers in a twist.

This is because in the uninstall process some pathways that have been set in the registry settings do not get deleted, which in some cases can make Windows go into a spin – trying to locate files that no longer exist or being lead off into to nowhere land.

Now, although you don’t need to know what’s happening behind the scenes, what you will notice is longer busy signals when you start up Windows, or a very slow computer when you are trying to accomplish what used to be the easiest or fast tasks in the past.

You might have bought your computer less than a year and start to experience these type of issues, and if you think about it, how can your computer become so slow in such a small amount of time.

Well, it could be because of these registry errors that I mentioned eariler.

So how do you fix it?

download speedypc pro key at EnvNet.orgWell, in the past the only way to fix an issue like this was to get a qualified technican into locate the errors in your registry settings.

Now in the past this would have been quite the costly exercise, however, because this is a problem that a lot of users experience there are companies that have created software applications to help correct these errors for you automatically.

Now, this is good news for the everyday user because it means that you no longer have to take your computer into a store and get it fixed.

This can save you hundreds of dollars in time and inconveinence of getting to and from the store.

What products will do it?

There’s two products in the marketing place that seem to be leading the bunch as far as PC optimization goes.

One of them is called RegcurePro key and the other is SpeedyPC Pro key, both product are used to restore your PC’s original performance at the click of a button.

Basically what these programs do is scan your PC automatically for errors and then goes about correcting each and every error automatically.

They are actually pretty smart programs and have been developed by software companies that specialize in this type of software development.

So if you have a slow computer and want to fix it then these two software product could be just what you’ve been looking for.

You can also use a program like driver detective key to make sure that you PC is performing at it absolute best. driver detective registration

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Wireless headphones the ultimate in entertainment folks go out and buy an entertainment system for their home, they really want to experience the ultimate in what audio and visual can deliver, so it’s funny to think that when a person spends so much money on a high quality system that they skimp on buying headphones.

It’s funny because they have gone to such lengths to secury quite an expensive item, that the expenditure on headphones is a miner expense in comparison.

Speakers are different

I know that when a person buying the speakers and extremely large television that the last thing that they want to do is spend money on headphones because after all the speakers help to create the vibrational atmosphere – right?

And this is true, however, depending on where you have your sound system will depend largely on whether you need headphones or not.

If you have a dedicated room solely used for a home theatre, then having headphones is not necessary.

However, if you have your expensive sound system set up in the living room, where the majority of the family congregate then, headphones might be neccessary, especially if you all share the same communial space.

Not listening to music is not an option after all, because you have spent your hard earned money on an expensive sound system, so you should make use of it every moment you can.

This then poses a problem for the whole family, because you want to listen to your sound system without interrupting the family.

How do you do this?

headphones under $50 Headphones of course.

Yes, there are many many headphones on the market today and it’s difficult to find headphones that will match the quality of your system, but more importantly your budget.

What most people do if ythey’re have purchase an expensive sound system is skimp on the headphones, but head phones can create a musical masterpiece if you purchase the right ones.

Furthermore, it’s difficult to find a sound system that will deliver the sound quality of headphones – period.

So if you feel like skimping on headphones – don’t do it, just don’t do it.

Well if you do, then you can find so preety inexpensive headphones for under $50, some under $30 and still enjoy the sound quality. You can find a good price comparison at

What if you just want it for your television? better, you can now get wireless headphones for your tvand watch tv anywhere in your room.

The great thing about wireless headphones is that you are not limited to sit in 2 feet in front of your tv. Having a cord attached to your headphones can be really restrictive and in some cases can have you sitting 2 feet in front of your tv.

Now this isn’t a problem if you have a small tv, but if like most homes these days you happen to have a 42 inch of 60 inch tv then it’s probably not the experience you want to have.

If you having purchased headphones for your tv, sound system or computer then you should really go out and do it today.


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Remove Malware from your computer

Malware removal is a subject that is near and dear to me.

removal-malwareI had a computer that I got from a friend and although it did cost me anything for it, it was dam slow when I tried to use it. And furthermore it was super slow when it came to surfing the internet.

Now I don’t know about you, but for me surfing the internet is something that I not only like to do after work, but it is something that I like to do when relaxing. But to be honest it can get really annoying when you have to wait for pages to load.

And the crazy thing about it is that I have high speed internet which is a total waste of time if your computer is the bottleneck, cause it doesn’t matter how fast your connection is if your computer is too slow.

So this kinda puzzled me because the computer was relatively new and I would have thought with the specs on the pc that it would be really fast … I guess this is why my friend gave me the pc, because he thought is was slow.

The speed on the pc is like waiting for paint to dry, almost makes me think back to a time where 56k modems were the latest and greatest things around. Just on that my 56k modem would have probably been faster.

Anyway, I did a little investigation to see if there was anything that I could do to increase the pc’s performance and what I found was that after a lot of searching and I had malware on my computer which was a right pain, but also good because now all I had to do was to remove it.

The specific malware I had was the Montera Toolbar, which was causing a lot of problems when I tried surfing the internet. Anyway, matter what I did to get rid of the toolbar I was able to. It is a nasty persisent piece of software that if you don’t have the right tool then you’re stuffed. Mapsgalaxy toolbar.

So after a lot of searching I found a tool that did the job at and today I am a happy camper. And guess what my friend wants his computer back.

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